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Eddington Number

  • 13 Aug 2020 3:55 PM
    Message # 9161785

    This I thought was maybe interesting to members. Arthur Eddington was a famous astro-physicist and also an avid cyclist. He used a term, that I will call Eddington Number. You have an Eddington number of 'n' if you have cycled at least 'n' kilometres on at least 'n' days. For example, if I have ridden 50km (or more) on at least 50 days my Eddington number would be 50. To get your Eddington number, rank all your rides in order from big to small, beside them write numbers 1,2,3,... The place where the two columns overlap is your Eddington Number.

    I started cycling 3 years ago and my first goal was to get my Eddington number at least my age (harder for me as I am retired). My next goal is to get Eddington number of 100.

    If you keep your data in Strava there is an app to calculate it for you.

    My Eddington number now is 109 - what is yours?

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