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The Whanganui River is the only river in the world that has a legal identity, with the rights, duties and liabilities of a legal person.

This course starts and finishes at the entrance to the Whanganui National Park, just outside the city of Whanganui. It will take you across the Ruahine and Kaweka ranges, on the Taihape Napier road to Hastings. The furthest point of the course being at the top of Te Mata Peak “The Sleeping Giant”.

The return trip goes up to the top of the Ohakune Mountain Road, to the Turoa Skifield. From there it is a gentle downhill run beside the Whanganui River to complete the loop.

This is a remote course, where services and phone reception is limited. Note that between Taihape and Hastings, there are no service centres. This is a 160km section.

Also note, that Mt Ruapehu is an active volcano. The crater lake is prone to erupting.  The following site provides updates on the status. Level 1 is normal activity. Level 2 has a 2km exclusion zone. The Turoa Skifield is well outside of this. Any eruption may cause the State Highway 49 at Tangiwai to be closed. The last eruption was in 2007.

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