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Round the Tararuas

  • 5 Jan 2019
  • 6:00 AM
  • Upper Hutt railway stn



Every year we hold this classic ride and with a bloody good reason:  Its a classic.  Its got everything a classic should have: long climbs - twisty technical descents, cafes, pies, quiet rural roads in blistering heat, dinner in Palmy (thats not really that epic but with 180km you'll think its amazing), followed by the sunset over Kapiti, and a little bump over a quiet mountain road to get back to Upper Hutt.    

2 sets of lights and reflective jacket are essential.

Possible backup route

300km BREVET
Checkpoint Date Time
========== ==== ====
Upper Hutt
0km start: 06/09 06:00
close: 06/09 07:00

54km open: 06/09 07:35
close: 06/09 09:36

144km open: 06/09 10:14
close: 06/09 15:36

Palmerston North
180km open: 06/09 11:18
close: 06/09 18:00

254km open: 06/09 13:34
close: 06/09 22:56

Upper Hutt
307km open: 06/09 15:00
close: 07/09 02:00

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