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Auckland ANZAC 1200

  • 24 Apr 2020
  • 6:00 PM
  • 28 Apr 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • Auckland war memorial museum

ANZAC 1,200

This is it. A challenging 1,200km ride around the Auckland region.

This is an UNSUPPORTED event to be run under the auspices of les Randonneurs Mondiaux.

Bag drops are not offered.

You may need to organise your own accommodation

Support that will be provided on this Unsupported ride

·         Printable Maps & Cue sheets

·         GPX Track files (for most GPS) & TCX Course files (for most Garmin Edge only GPS).

·         Web tracking and oversight of progress whilst riders are on the course.

Qualifying Rides

A Super Randonneur Series comprising of 600km, 400km, 300km, & 200km BRM rides (or longer ACP/LRM ride) since July 2019.

Safety Recommendations

·         Mandatory front and rear lights and reflectors that comply with NZ Road Rules    
Spare lights highly recommended

Reflective vest or equivalent meeting "AS/NZS 4602:1:2011 – Garments for high risk applications" requirements for day/night applications

There are three legs to this ride.

Leg 1:

The first leg is the most challenging. This leg is 379kms long with 6,044 metres of climbing. There are hills with sections of steep gradients. There is also a 1km section of gravel, travelled in both directions. This leg starts from the Auckland Museum. By utilising the North Western cycle paths, most of the traffic should be long gone by the time we hit the roads. Once out of Auckland the only overnight food stop, is at Wellsford (116kms, 183kms), which has a Caltex and MacDonalds. This first leg finishes back in Auckland.

Leg 2:

The second leg is an easier section of 382kms, with climbing of 3,840m. Heading down Great South Road, the route meanders down to Morrinsville. There are more locations for food and sleep.

Leg 3:

The third, final leg is 442kms long with 3,782m of climbing, and is a flat ride back to Auckland. The section between Ngatea and Pukekohe (130kms), has limited food stops late at night, so some discretion is required around the timing of the run.

Ride Organiser: Kelvin Spicer. 027-368-7266

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