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Hauraki Rail Trail 200 / 300 Gravel

  • 24 Jul 2021
  • 7:00 AM
  • 25 Jul 2021
  • 3:00 AM
  • Kaiaua


  • Includes Brevet Card to be homologated by Audax Club Parisien on finishing the event within the specified time limit.
  • Includes Brevet Card to be homologated by Audax Club Parisien on finishing the event within the specified time limit.
  • Medal will be awarded on certification of ride

Registration is closed

Well, that is so rude. The section from Waitakaruru to Pipiroa has been closed, which really stops the first and last 40kms.

This means the only safe spot to start the ride is in Thames.

The new course is here.

Checkpoints will then be:

Thames: 0kms

Paeroa: 61kms

Te Aroha: 85kms (The geyser)

Waihi: 144kms

Thames: 200kms

The first leg goes from Thames to Pipiroa. Ride to the toilets at the start of the Pipiroa gravel section, and then return.

In Te Aroha, there is a side diversion to the Mokena Geyser. On the Southern loop from Te Aroha, come back along the Rail Trail from Stanley Ave into the centre of town , and not SH26.

A return to the fantasically flat , Hauraki Rail Trail. But, with extra wind added in. This time it will be in winter, so the track will be mucky. Yaay.

Two ride options this time. A 200km gravel ride OR a 300km gravel ride.

When signing up, choose the ride distance AND whether or not you want a medal.

Rides alone are $10 entry. Medal is an extra $15.

Points to note:

From Kaiaua to Waitakaruru, you can ride on the road. This includes the short section between Front Miranda Road, and Waitakruru School. ie. Ignore the first 1km offroad section at the 18km mark. Ignore it on the return home to.

Rotokohu Road, at Paeroa. Ride the Rail Trail path, instead of the road. No one is watching, but it is meant to be a gravel ride.

From Te Aroha to Matamata and return. The same applies. The trail is beside the road. Ride the trail.

200kms Description:

Starting in Kaiaua, for an easy 20km road ride along the coast to Waitakarururu, before starting the train proper. Ride the trail all the way to Waikino for a stop. Then on to Waihi and hit the return trail, with a short detour into Thames, before riding back home to Kaiaua.

About 170kms of gravel, 30kms of seal.

Easily doable in under 13.5 hours, which means a chance to have a good feed at the Kaiaua takeaways. 

This ride is a BRM ride, with a time limit of 13.5 hours. 


Start and finish is at the Kaiaua boat ramp.


Waikino: 86kms. Sign in at the Waikino Cafe

Thames: 149kms. Sign in at the Mobil Station

Kaiaua: 200kms. Sign in at the Kaiaua takeaways.


Route link:

Event Type:
202 km on gravel track. There is 30km on tar seal.  

300km Description

Riding with the 200km riders, for the first 115kms, at the return to the SH 26 and Rotokohu road, turn left towards Te Aroha, instead of returning to Paeroa.

Follow the road  for 1km to the start again of the Rail Trail, as it heads towards Te Aroha. Follow the trail into Te Aroha, and to the original Rail Station. Head into town for a quick refreshment, before following the roads / trail onto Matamata. At Matamata, take a short detour along the Centenial Drive as it heads around the West of Matamata central. It reconnects with the main road just North of the Matamata I-site.

From here, it is follow your nose back home to Te Aroha, Paeroa, Kopu, and Kaiaua. For the 300km riders there is no stop-over in Thames.

This is a BRM ride, where the time limit is 20 hours.


Waikino: 86kms. Sign in at the Waikino Cafe

Matamata: 174kms. Sign in at the Z Service station

Paeroa: 232kms. Sign in at the McDonalds.

Kaiaua: 300kms. We'll sort something out. At that time of night, everything is closed. It will be a photo shot.

Route Link:

Deadline for Registration:
Time and date 4th Jan: midday.

Ride Organiser:

Kelvin Spicer, 027-368-7266

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