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Operating in the Southern Latitude of 45-50 degrees South, The Roaring Forties SR600, happens to be the southernmost Super Randonnée in the world.

This ride starts at the foot of Robbie Burns Statue, at the Octagon, in Dunedin, this wee ride will test your hill climbing ability as it tackles the steepest residential street in the world, Baldwin street, with a gut busting 35% gradient at its peak.

The course runs along the Otago Peninsula to the settlement of Portobello, before returning to Dunedin to complete the Baldwin Street challenge.

Next up is Port Chalmers, and then on to the Central Otago Region, to complete a lazy loop around the Lammermoor Range. The course finishes in the town of Lawrence.

Be prepared for low cell phone coverage, and distant food services.

Being so far south, in summer the day light hours are around 16 hours, whilst in winter you may get 8.5 hours of sunshine, plus a lot of snow.

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